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Gramenos & Krios beach near Paleochora

There are several nice beaches both east and west of Paleochora. The beaches of Anidri and Gianiskari are located east of Paleochora, and Grameno and Krios are located west of the village.


Grameno beach near Paleochora in Crete.

Grameno beach near Paleochora.



Grameno beach lies about 5 kilometres west of Paleochora. It is, in my opinion, the worse of the beaches. But here is a hidden gem, and it is Taverna Grameno, which is supposed to be the best restaurant in the whole area, Paleochora included.


Taverna Grameno in Paleochora. Crete.

Don't miss the Taverna Grameno!


The taverna is set in a magnificent garden and serves food so delicious that you can hardly believe it to be true. Here I have eaten dishes that I have never heard of before. The food is really outstanding!

If you continue 5 kilometres westwards, you'll arrive at an agriculture centre called Koundoura. Here, and along the whole coastline, the landscape is uglified by countless greenhouses. Just close your eyes and drive on until you reach Krios beach.


Krios beach near Paleochora in Crete.

Krios beach.



Krios means cold in Greek, and it is said that the water here is always cold due to underwater springs. I don't know if that's true because I've never gone for a swim here.


Krios nudist beach west of Paleochora in southern Crete.

The far end of Krios beach.


In the picture above, you see the far end of Krios beach. It is much nicer than the main beach itself - in my opinion. Sometimes you will be met with nudists.

Grameno beach is located about 5 kilometres west of Paleochora and Krios beach lies about 10 kilometres west of Paleochora. Four kilometres east of Paleochora are the beaches of Gialiskari, Anidri and Ammoudia.

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