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Gerani near Platanias in western Crete

Gerani is a small tourist resort between Maleme and Platanias in western Crete. It is about three kilometres to Maleme and just as far to Platanias. It is about 15 kilometres to Chania city. You can go to Gerani on a package holiday from many countries.


Tavernas and supermarkets in Gerani in Crete.

One of the few streets in Gerani. Platanias is in the background.



Once when I went on an unspecified package holiday to Crete, I ended up in Gerani. My experiences from the area are poor, because I did not like it, and therefore I moved to Chania city after just one night. But judging by those who stayed in the same hotel as me, Gerani was a nice package resort. I simply did not belong to the right target group.


Caldera beach hotel in Gerani in Crete.

Caldera beach hotel where I stayed my only night in Gerani.

Here are several large hotels and several of them are All Inclusive hotels. The beach is very long and consists of fine pebbles. You can walk along the beach to both Maleme and Platanias. If you walk to Platanias, you will have to jump over, or wade trough, the river that runs onto the beach.


The beach in Gerani between Maleme and Platanias in Crete.

The beach of Gerani in the direction of Maleme.


The small village (if you can call it a village) offers all (almost) tourist amenities you need: some tavernas, supermarkets, bakery, car rental places and hotels. If you want a larger selection, you'll find it in Platanias. The local bus operates all tourist resorts along the coast and all the way to Chania.

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