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Balos beach in western Crete

Balos is located off the Gramvousa peninsula just north of Fallasarna, in western Crete. To get independently to Balos is not easy, at least not by car. We have driven to Balos once, and we never do it again. The road is the worst I've seen in whole Crete. If you get the idea to drive to Balos, you have about 10 kilometres of bumping gravelled road in front of you, and it is just as long, and just as bumpy, on the way back. From the parking lot, you have to walk a steep downhill path, and later you have to walk that path uphill too.


I do not recommend driving the road to Balos in Crete.

I do not recommend driving the road to Balos.


But what is Balos, and how can I get there if the road is so bad? Well, you can compare Balos to a large lagoon with extremely turquoise water and pink-coloured sand. I don't think I've seen anything like this in Greece.

The path that leads from the parking lot down to Balos beach in Crete.

The path that leads from the parking lot down to Balos beach.



Opposite the shallow beach is an island that you can walk to if it is low tide. The surroundings are strikingly beautiful. The picture at the bottom is not fair. Just as I got up the camera it got cloudy and it started to rain. Fortunately, the turquoise image is well preserved in my brain.


Balos beach in Crete.



The most convenient way to get to Balos is by excursion boat from Kissamos. The boats starts to run in May and continue into October. Read more about the boat trips here: www.gramvousa.com

Instead of driving to Balos, I can recommend you to drive to the wonderful beach of Fallasarna.


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