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Agia Roumeli in southern Crete

Agia Roumeli is a tiny village (60 inhabitants) between Sougia and Loutro in southern Crete. The village is free of cars and other motor vehicles, just like the neighbouring village of Loutro.

The only way to access Agia Roumeli is by boat or on foot, and most people arrive on foot since this is where the walk through the Samaria Gorge ends, so if you do the walk you will end up in Agia Roumeli whether you want to or not. Unless you first walk down the gorge, and then back up the same way.


The Samaria Gorge. Arriving soon in Agia Roumeli in southern Crete.

The Samaria Gorge. Arriving soon in Agia Roumeli.



Since almost everyone who walks through the Samaria Gorge ends their hike in Agia Roumeli, there are plenty of tavernas. Depending on how long time you spend in the gorge, it varies how long time you have before the ferry departs to Chora Sfakion, where busses are waiting to take you back to, for example, Chania. Most people spend their waiting on the beach or at one of the tavernas.

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Tavernas and restaurants in Agia Roumeli in southern Crete.

The main street in Agia Roumeli.

There are several hotels and pensions to choose among if you want to stay overnight. The evenings and mornings are very quiet and peaceful in Agia Roumeli. Calypso is one of the best-located hotels.

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The beach of Agia Roumeli. Crete.

The beach of Agia Roumeli.


Agia Roumeli is one of the villages in the south of Crete that you can travel to by ferry. The car ferries Samaria and Daskalogiannis operate the route Paleochora, Sougia, Agia Roumeli, Loutro and Chora Sfakion, and vice versa.


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